The Hyper Psaro Group commercial farm is located approximately 20 kilometers out of Lubumbashi city center. We cultivate potatoes, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, onions, cabbage, lettuce and various other vegetables, for our own supermarkets and the general public. Thanks to our irrigation system and very good soil, our farm, produces excellent products all year round. We process our vegetables and, for instance, provide pre-packed frozen vegetables to the mining sector, as well as airfreight supplies to the Kinshasa market. Our production is constant through out the year.


By sifting through thousands of varieties available in the worldwide market, only the highest-quality, best-adapted seeds are implanted in our harvests.


Hyper Psaro Group ensures that all of its interventions do not affect the environmental sustainability and treats the area in the most socially responsible way.


Hyper Psaro Group Farm empowers the local workforce by giving employment to local farmers with the opportunity to take participation in the harvest.